Welcome to Tokens of Life Uganda Store – Your Gateway to Meaningful Shopping.

Discover handcrafted treasures, tales of resilience. Every purchase fuels a movement, empowering artisans and supporting vulnerable women and teenage mothers in Uganda, backed by Grain of Wheat.

Trash Bin

Elevate your home or office space with the charm of Ugandan craftsmanship.

Hand Wooven Tins

They are a testament to skilled craftsmanship.

Baskets - Ebibo

Embrace the heritage of Uganda and decorate your space with the Ugandan Ekibo Basket.

Wall Hangings

Transform your living space into an artistic haven with the Artisanal Excellence Woven Wall Hangings.

Dog Bed

Treat your beloved canine companion to the comfort of a dog bed that blends the rich traditions of Ugandan craftsmanship with modern orthopedic design.

Backcloth Book Wrap

Protect your literary treasures and infuse your reading experience with style and personalization using our Wrap-Around Book Cover.

Kitengi Fabric Bag

Embrace the cultural and colorful appeal of Africa with the Kitengi Fabric Bag.

African Kitengi Laptop Bag

Elevate your daily work routine with our African Print Laptop Bag.

1 Purpose

Every purchase you make here directly contributes to the well-being of vulnerable women and teenage mothers. The proceeds go toward critical needs like school fees, medical care, food, and more. By shopping; you're extending a helping hand and offering a brighter future.

2 Empower

This shop is a platform for these talented artisans to showcase their skills and generate income. It's an opportunity for them to break free from the cycle of poverty and build better lives for themselves and their families.

3 Change

Browse our selection, choose items that resonate with you, and shop with a purpose. Every purchase is a step toward a brighter future for these incredible women and teenage mothers. Together, we can make a difference.

What Sets Us Apart

Join Our Movement

Tokens of Life Uganda is not just a marketplace; it's a community of changemakers. When you shop here, you become part of a mission to build a better future. Let's create ripples of change together.

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Support Vulnerable Lives

Shop with Purpose. Empower Lives. Explore our handcrafted treasures, each purchase fuels a movement of hope and resilience. Join us in making a meaningful impact. Start shopping now!


to Empower Lives

Your contribution goes beyond a simple donation; it becomes a lifeline for vulnerable women and teenage mothers in Uganda.



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